I'm Kristin, a licensed art therapist and part-time crafter living in the Big Apple. My days are filled with paint and laughter, as I get to help youth of all ages foster a greater sense of self and explore their creative potential.

I truly believe that art making has the power to nourish and heal the mind, body, and soul. Through my work, I have also learned that there is nothing more important than meaningful human connection. It is in this spirit that Winter Craft Co. was born.

In preparation for my recent wedding, I (like many a bride) went a little DIY crazy - and, in the process, was reminded of my lifelong love for the handwritten word. Calligraphy is a true embodiment of art, language, and human connectivity, and I would love nothing more than to help bring to life your own creative vision on your big day (or any other day, for that matter)! 

Thanks so much for stopping by - I look forward to working with you!


All photos on this site were taken by Kristin Winter + Alyssa McElheny.